Sunday, September 20, 2009


Somebody said i have nice legs =D

i'm happy =)))))
I cant go to All American Rejects gig =(
Will be stuck in kuching!!! =((((

Imran! why did you bring the fatty?!!!!


A very random trip to 1U, the only reason I was so "rajin" to drive there is because I had to COD with 2 buyers. =.= Typical me.
Not like I even know the exact route. Luckily I was so used to dropping by Aiman's place that I agak agak know the road =P
Found parking within a minute... Hurrayy!!
then my stomach grumbled =.=

Since I frequently hear people "rave" bout Delicious Cafe, we decided to give it a try. The thing is I couldn't bloody find the shop though the map showed it located near Zara.. Finally found it next to Miss Reed. They should put a larger signage at the entrance cause I accidentally mistook it for a sharing cafe with Miss Reed. =.=

Nice interior, love the long marble counter top. Service was quick.
Clean tables. Cozy atmosphere.


say hello to...

miss ad.

Our advert model for beef lasagna
mango laici...*** (forgot the name) smoothie
how to eat a laici
by miss ad.

1. smile to it =D

2. stare hard on it @@

3. anticipate it

4. swallow it whole

5. choke on it

6. now you can munch on it =)

Halfway eaten spagetti carbonara

hmm... there's just something missing bout the taste...salt... pepper..herb...
Pizza Uno's Carbonara is still on my top list though my sis prefer's Marco's Pizza's. A plus point on this is the slice beef is bigger =P Sorry I dont fancy the mushroom >.<

Random outfit of the day

studded blazer: Miss OCD
purple printed tube: Faboulouz boutique
purple vintage inspired bag: thekookything
studded pumps: thekookything

Sorry bout the very blurry pictures, I need a new photographer!