Tuesday, January 19, 2010

That Flow

Semester has just started, everyone's out with a new resolution, but yet to me it's just another year of college. Ever since Hospitality students moved out of LCS, this place seems dead whenever i'm down stairs at the makan area and library. The Library is Freaking empty it tell you! imagine weekends.. i wonder hows this place gonna be like.

Today started horribly, with massive jams starting as far from the small alley of my college to who knows where. =.= A 5 minute journey to college took me 1 whole hour to reach to college for a 15 minutes lecture.. yeah  what the heck =.=. Anyway.. workload is beginning to pile up but yet i'm still here blogging and surfing the net =P As far as i'm concerened.. I dont really care actually.. College may not seem on the top priority of my achivement or what ever but yet I'm always jealous that my friends that scores straight A's all the time..
To me.. in college or what ever course or school.. As long as i know what i'm doing i'm actually fine with it.. The important thing is I know how to make Moolah!! Yeah.. haha.. typical me.. but yeap.. that's me alright.. I dont really give a damn bout scoring straight A's or what ever... screw GPA.. As long as I'm above the minimum requirement and not scoring anything below C's or D's I'm fine with it. Hope I can maintain my scores this sem..

Another thing.. Chic Pop street market 3 is On! yeah! Lucky i did some research and emailed them before they officially anounnouced it on Tonguechic.com. Chic Pop is one of the best bazaar's that definitely pulls the crowd in... Well.. as we know.. More people means more shopping which means more Monay! Hehe.. I'm greedy! But yeap.. too much stocks at home and my mom is already complaining as hell.. haha.. LOL..

hope to see you there!