Wednesday, March 17, 2010

that dress

love the colour on this dress so much!

yes the cat was busy body as always. That's her sexy pose ok.

Workload is increasing like shit ass hell!
Need more money for bangkok! Buy people buy! =)

hmmm.. more sales?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Love me as it is

To love or not?

Truthfully, I'm missing the single life... I'm bored of being a "couple". Yes i know i should be greatfull... But when it becomes dreadfull day to day I feel like I'm being smothered slowly...

I want my single life back


hhmmm... recently.. i notice humans are hopping on the photography trend... My cousin in law.. is obsessed about taking photos.. but what i notice is that.. Many people.. tend to take photos to look like how they want it to be.. to get that perfect shot... perfect scene...

Should taking a photograph be that way?

I love taking photos.. When you look back it brings us back in time.. to that moment... so unexpected.. so carefree...

I think the best photos are when you take it just the way it is...