Sunday, May 29, 2011


So... Been catching up on quite a couple of tv shows for the past few months. I dont know bout you guys, but once I start a series, I can go on the whole day and night till the series ends.

American Next Top Model cycle 16. 
It was a pretty close tie between Brittani & Molly. At first I was kinda rooting for Brittani, her features are kinda classic in a way, but near the end, I actually loved Molly. Molly definitely has the best photos hands down, but I really loved her No B.S. personallity, yes she may have said FUCK more then the number of frames in a photoshoot, but she is just pretty awesome. 
Kinda dissapointed they didnt cut out that bitch Alexandria earlier though.

Hot Mom selling pot for a living, started out pretty slow, but I'm kinda hooked now, currently into season 2. Beats that 90210 crap.

 Project Runway season 8
I felt that this cycle was kinda weak compare to season 7. Most of the designers didnt really met up to the standard of the competitions honestly, They had more shit work than awesome stuff. Ivy was such a bitch, shame on her, I really liked Andy's work actually, hard core chic.
Mondo won the competition and I am so not suprised. His design was bubbly, fun and really funky.

 Project Runway season 7
Best season ever! Seth Aaron just blows you away. Just watch it!
Fucking Awesome!