Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The Wait

3.38am 7/7/2011 Thursday morning. Why am I still up? University application is killing me slowly. I'm having random dreams these couple of days just because of it! Every morning, first thing I do - Check my mail! What do I get? - NOTHING. Except shit zynga for cityville. I'm contemplating on calling up the universities and harass them to accept me. Oh Westminster and lovely Brookes.... where thou mi acceptence letter???????? :( Boooo! I know my dad is annoyed with me because of this, mom kepoch-ing by reading my emails, friends taunting me by asking where am I going. IDK :( Unofficially, I am suppose to get an offer from Brighton University. But their admission office is taking their own sweet time, I emailed the course leader for I.A a few weeks back and he said they have offered me a place to study there and it SHOULD appear on my UCAS by today. BULLSHIT! Already a week and nothing has changed on my UCAS. I tell you that site is waiting to collect dust. Shall phone Brighton tomorrow until I get an offer on UCAS. BUT, I'm leaning towards Oxford Brookes and Westminster. Their Interior Architecture course seems pretty good from what I've read. And since I.A. is a pretty new course, I can only judge them based on their Architecture school. Oxford Brookes is in Oxford obviously, bout 2 hours away from London, or Westminster in central London itself, which should I go? Wait a minute, where's my offer???? *fingers crossed*