Saturday, February 27, 2010


I hate curfews. seriously. I dont do drugs, I dont club. But i love the night. Is it wrong is i just love the night life?
I love what the night does to everyone. Though some may say total darkness is not wanted. I think darkness shows our true self. how we live in darkness is a thought worth feeling.

Kiss the night.

Friday, February 19, 2010


i'm lusting over these pair for ages...
recently i went through ebay and realized it isn't up for auction anymore!

anyway.. i look through this US online shop and it's retailing for 60USD, which means freaking rm200 ++ okay!
imagine if i add postage from US it's gonna cost almost rm300+-... WTH..
please someone just give me these babies!!!!

Tripp NYC Daang studded boots

Thursday, February 18, 2010

of peace

Just messing with photoshop.. since previously my lec mentioned that my pin up board sux.. sadly..haha... lol.. hope it works well!

damn you to hell

Cruelty to animals should never be taken lightly... especially to my Cat.

Damn you sick people.

One day You're gonna get your face jabbed with the back of my stillettoes.

Your sins shall follow you to your death.
Die in pain i pray for you.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

call me hello

I need a new phone.. however.. the one i want is like over 2 grand?! yeesh! Maybe I'd go for HTC model instead, hmmm....

Me want me Monay!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's Just Me

I hate waiting, cause I'm impatient. Why cant things just get done when I want them to?
I hate people who are late and make me wait for them.
I hate faking those smile just so i could have your Monay.
I hate people who dont speak clearly of their mind and expects me to get it right the first time.
I hate my room cause it effing hot.


Lately my fetish for jailbird print (black white stripes if you dont know the term) is going crazy! I was damn happy =P when i saw this skirt in sunway when i was out with aiman, lihui, liyuan, yishuain & marie. But once i saw the price i was heart brokened =(((( Rm69.90??? I just give rm60 to kijun, borrowed another rm10 to liyuan... i only had rm10 left for my green tea ice cream while was not available too.. talk bout sadness man!

But i got my chance to get that skirt the next day when i was out with the kiddies from lick hung.. missed the old days! they hardly changed at all =) willl try to upload their pics if i can get it from tze yin. First i went to topshop for that layered sequined skirt which i aimed previously.. but i decided on not getting it since is was kinda itchy when i tried it =.= and they dont have 1 size up =( I saw something similar to this:

via topshop

horizontal stripes instead, which a rubber band at the sides retailing for rm169 @@ no money wei! Then i head to Teetoo rightaway to search back for my jailbird mini and it was still there!! wee! hahah
was damn happy and went home rightaway since my eyes were dry and wearing contacts was damn kacau.. constantly rubbing the eyes and i cant see properly when i'm drying.. Ish...

Aim-ing for a Jailbird tank & drapped cardigan next!!! Saw  a jailbird cardigan at cotton on but it wasnt what i was lloking for plus the material is damn thin... so not worth it =/ Seriously.. whats so great bout cotton on? all the rave and hoo haa.. their sunnies and cheap that one thing.. but the rubi shoes are like paper and the clothing amterial are thin... throw in the washing machine next thing you know they'll be a large hole in it.. =.=


Friday, February 5, 2010


Yes i know you saw me.
Yes i know it's you.
Why cant you bladdy not stare at me like i have creepers on my head?
I've mentioned to you before that i hate people staring at me while i'm working.

Anyway, who can work when there's a  pair of eyes haunting you from behind?
If i am that robot then alright.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

chic pop

i need more chic pop! get me 5 more and i'll be able to make it to barcelona and get a new dslr or phone!

yes,,,, i need monay

A-Muse me?

OMG. I cant believe i just missed out on Muse's concerte! I hate you rebecca for being able to make it!
why cant they just bladdy step in M'sia???

I'm so going to one when i'm in the states!

Missing out?

i aint believing that no shitz aint bringing that piece of crap back to my house.
You're just gonna deal with it.