Saturday, November 27, 2010


FML! these couple days has been utterly shyt! And no, I am not exxagerating. :/

1st case: buyer from the shop
okay. I admit is my own freaking fault on the updating the buyer, causing her to get freaking pissed at me.
How did it start?
Well, she ordered 2 pairs of shoes, however, she recevived a pair with 2 right sides.
I hate it when this happens! I remembered that I've checked the sizes before I posted out =.=
or maybe I'm getting too old till my memory getting worse than my grandma :(

Okay fine larh, she informed me and I'll sort out the sizes for her again, who knew that pair of shoes memang got problem wan, since the other buyer receive both pairs correct sizes & sides.
So now, creating more trouble for me to go back down to kl :/
and I know my mom will be like "who ask you. Last time i say ady next time when buy check all. Padan muka (serves u right).
Boooo... evil :/

Okay fine, my fault larrrrrr... Got the new pair, posted to her.

Then 2 weeks later, buyer texted saying she did not receive parcel!
I'm like " How can! post ady what! Post Laju summore!"

WTF... post to wrong address =.=

It's damn shitty for me to go retrive to parcel n all. Then I tried to post again, now at mail box service in Taipan since damn bloody late ady n post office damn far =.=
(NO, I'm never ever going to Taipan Post Office, service damn effing slowwwwwww)

And then hor, then next day, came back from pyramid and all in the evening receive bloody email for NOS.
WTF man! I cant believe it. seller wrote a whole load of stuff on me :/
Utterly disgraced. Fine! contact buyer, clarify all my nonsense. (which is true and NO i did not made this up okay!)

2 days later, receive an email by "Shocked!" claiming that I only do shit business and no one would ever visit my site due to the happenings in NOS =.=
I'm like: what the heck, you say no one would ever visit my site now you're the first one to come comment on it? Eat your own words please!

So I damn kepoci who knew the buyer continued posting up on NOS claiming that I lied on posting and the shoes look worn and all!

WTF! The shoes was posted out around 4/5pm at Mail Boxes Etc branch in Taipan USJ, how the heck do I know what time they posted it out the next day! And I bloody went through the trouble to ask for a new pair of shoes.


Ok fine. My own fault. Cari Pasal. I'm trully sorry for not updating the buyer.

Case 2:

Crit is like in 2 days and I only have like
* 1 3d view of the lounge
* 70% completed floor plan :/
* RM800 poorer due to furniture payment. wtf!
* No progress work :/
* No outfit for presentation
* No outfit for formal night :/
* No money to collect stock :/

I hate renderings! 3d's! n any sort of complicated computer software!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I think I'm slacking way too much these past few weeks, final crit is just around the corner and I've not started out even on my 3d interior views. Anyway...

a couple of d.i.y to do list during the holidays :)

these Prada Chandelier Sandals are pretty cool. Though I think they'd make ALOT of noise when you walk.
I'm thinking of making my version in black, to match my F21 chandelier necklace I bought last month. However, finding comfortable and nice plain glass sandals are not easy, usually you'll see those cheap plastic types which turn yellow after a couple of months! Not good. If you find any, let me know :)

pics taken from

1 shoulder blazer cum vest. these have a pretty rebel look to it. The extended sleeves adds a designer feel to it. However, finding plain nude blazers with a structured cut is not easy, some may have a nice colour but the cut is horrible.
pics taken from

watch this space ;)

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Create a game assignment
had loads of fun making it
pretty happy with the outcome ;D

Let's Roll!