Thursday, January 13, 2011

Friday, January 7, 2011


don't the colours make you wanna smile? :D

when time never stops

Monday, January 3, 2011


 don't you love the times where you head over to a old coffee shop with your family and enjoy a simple dish of noodles?
heck! I definitely do :(

 more pictures from kk I must add, I miss it already! Boooo!

These are mostly pics from before I left for the Airport

 good ol' teh tarik panas rm1.20
the 'teh' flavour was quite 'kao' with just the right amount of sugar & milk

 kono mien with cha sao sao nyuk (dry mee with rosk pork & char siew) rm5-6
 love this dish, simple and nice
the noodles are not too dry or wet with light flavour of garlic&soy sauce I think.
the cha sao was crispy at the skin too :D

*edited* I forgot that it came with swey gao and pork balls in soup too! (see far right at pic above)

while I was halfway enjoying my breakfast, I look up and realised that there were muslim people eating their soto at the other half of the restaurant too!
 How awesome is that? Unlike in KL, I doubt you'd find these kind of places
Just because your religion forbids pork in your meal, doesn't mean you can't eat your pork-free food in the same place. no?

Seriously, I don't get it when I have certain friends who "REFUSE" to come in the restaurant with us if they serve pork. wtf man... 
I know some people who doesn't mind "tapao-ing" other food and joining us for a meal in a non-halal shop.

oh well. watever.

 don't you just love clouds? awesome shytzzz

random KK shots

till then!

New Year?

Okay I've been back for some time now, I know I've abandoned this blog yet again. :/ Oh well....
Anyway, I'm currently unemployed and I refuse to work in an ID firm at the moment, well, working from 9am-6pm in the office scares me to death, let alone with colleagues who use cantonese when talking to everyone. Booo!!!! I do understand most of the convo but I just don't know how the heck to reply them =.= wtf

Everyone I know is off to aussie for degree and I'm stuff in this nutshell figuring out US applications. Can I just follow them all to Aussie please??? :D
Hmmm... I should probably get started on my portfolio which I'm supposed to start since last week.

Shall be heading to penang next week (I hope) missing my fried kuey teow, zhu yuk fun and asam laksa  *droolssss*

anyway, this is all. for now.