Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Me, Myself & I


F21 Haul

I bought the nude wedge a couple of days ago, it's actually grape pink?
I am considering in getting the black T-bar heels, it's super sexy but I can't stand in it let alone walk! But I can't get over the fact its so sexy and I love anything glossy :(
I hate the fact that Forever 21 here in Malaysia is double the price compared to US. Yes I do understand they have to pay shipping price but why is it priced lower in Singapore? This is SO UNFAIR. AND, there is NO F21 in UK!!!! HOW CAN???

by the way, more gorgeous stuff.

Btw, I did not bought any of these though the title says f21 haul, more like, I wish I have to money to buy it all!

With Love

Hey Loves,

I've lost my camera and it's really depressing :( I can't post up new sales, pictures and loads of other stuff.
I've joined a few bazaar's to stock up on more MOOLAH for a new cam. What model should I get? Any Suggestions? I was thinking in between a SLR and compact. Maybe the Sony NEX series? But it's pretty exxy though :/


I can't seem to start with my portfolio and it's a major BOOOOOO. okay fine whatever. UCAS application is closing soon and if I don't submit soon my dad is gonna have a major fit. Cause he think's I've already submitted it XD. Alright fine, I'll get started with it. Wish me luck.