Friday, December 24, 2010

funky town

 okay, this is the 2nd time I'm writting this post due to blogger phailuer :/
so mafan wan! why can't I log out gmail without blogger disconnecting itself?

anway, back to this, so it's chris's 20th birthday
location: funky town @ damai, kk

sorry no food pictures cause I was occupied with some shytzz
Had grilled chicken, pretty decent serving and tasty sauce to go with it.

 Happy Birthday Tiput!

 popo, efen & min yu

belynda & minyu

 anty ching ching

 yes, yes, I know I'm damn evil taking pictures of little girls crying.
watever! ha!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


FML! these couple days has been utterly shyt! And no, I am not exxagerating. :/

1st case: buyer from the shop
okay. I admit is my own freaking fault on the updating the buyer, causing her to get freaking pissed at me.
How did it start?
Well, she ordered 2 pairs of shoes, however, she recevived a pair with 2 right sides.
I hate it when this happens! I remembered that I've checked the sizes before I posted out =.=
or maybe I'm getting too old till my memory getting worse than my grandma :(

Okay fine larh, she informed me and I'll sort out the sizes for her again, who knew that pair of shoes memang got problem wan, since the other buyer receive both pairs correct sizes & sides.
So now, creating more trouble for me to go back down to kl :/
and I know my mom will be like "who ask you. Last time i say ady next time when buy check all. Padan muka (serves u right).
Boooo... evil :/

Okay fine, my fault larrrrrr... Got the new pair, posted to her.

Then 2 weeks later, buyer texted saying she did not receive parcel!
I'm like " How can! post ady what! Post Laju summore!"

WTF... post to wrong address =.=

It's damn shitty for me to go retrive to parcel n all. Then I tried to post again, now at mail box service in Taipan since damn bloody late ady n post office damn far =.=
(NO, I'm never ever going to Taipan Post Office, service damn effing slowwwwwww)

And then hor, then next day, came back from pyramid and all in the evening receive bloody email for NOS.
WTF man! I cant believe it. seller wrote a whole load of stuff on me :/
Utterly disgraced. Fine! contact buyer, clarify all my nonsense. (which is true and NO i did not made this up okay!)

2 days later, receive an email by "Shocked!" claiming that I only do shit business and no one would ever visit my site due to the happenings in NOS =.=
I'm like: what the heck, you say no one would ever visit my site now you're the first one to come comment on it? Eat your own words please!

So I damn kepoci who knew the buyer continued posting up on NOS claiming that I lied on posting and the shoes look worn and all!

WTF! The shoes was posted out around 4/5pm at Mail Boxes Etc branch in Taipan USJ, how the heck do I know what time they posted it out the next day! And I bloody went through the trouble to ask for a new pair of shoes.


Ok fine. My own fault. Cari Pasal. I'm trully sorry for not updating the buyer.

Case 2:

Crit is like in 2 days and I only have like
* 1 3d view of the lounge
* 70% completed floor plan :/
* RM800 poorer due to furniture payment. wtf!
* No progress work :/
* No outfit for presentation
* No outfit for formal night :/
* No money to collect stock :/

I hate renderings! 3d's! n any sort of complicated computer software!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I think I'm slacking way too much these past few weeks, final crit is just around the corner and I've not started out even on my 3d interior views. Anyway...

a couple of d.i.y to do list during the holidays :)

these Prada Chandelier Sandals are pretty cool. Though I think they'd make ALOT of noise when you walk.
I'm thinking of making my version in black, to match my F21 chandelier necklace I bought last month. However, finding comfortable and nice plain glass sandals are not easy, usually you'll see those cheap plastic types which turn yellow after a couple of months! Not good. If you find any, let me know :)

pics taken from

1 shoulder blazer cum vest. these have a pretty rebel look to it. The extended sleeves adds a designer feel to it. However, finding plain nude blazers with a structured cut is not easy, some may have a nice colour but the cut is horrible.
pics taken from

watch this space ;)

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Create a game assignment
had loads of fun making it
pretty happy with the outcome ;D

Let's Roll!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I own few blogs, but I cant even update my own blog regularly. Can you believe it? Yes. Thats just sad.
Having mixed feelings right now and I hate it.

I need the rush

Monday, July 26, 2010

shyt happens

Am in the office now.
My work is taken from me.
People are pissed of me.
please just kill me now

Saturday, July 24, 2010


The Hamster

story of the hamster who pawned my thigh.

The Bag

it's all about the bag. :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010

hmm.. i'm getting more impulsive i tell you, with my shopping that is.

this month:
chiffon maxi - RM190
beige top - RM45
xfactor dress - RM50
3 shoes from lush s. - RM150
soon to purchase shoes..
from tres t. RM300
from le clothes RM140
from yunique p. RM350
from angel f. RM400
from beautiful d. RM300
and more adding soon.

yes, breaking the bank!

Chic Pop & Urbanscapes must bring in more "kerching"!

My shoes and currently adding...are... erm...wait. let me start counting.

1. xandria strappy ankle heels (thekookything)
2. zipper glads (thekookything)
3. black chunky ankle boots (from angel fashionista)
4. cut out flats (cotton on)
5. nascere satin studded wedges (thekookything) *still unworn
6. Bastain wedges (aldo)
7. leaves bow pumps in pastle green (cats whiskers)
8. barbie heels in red (kiss&tell)
9. bradshaw heels in purple (clothesbucket)
10. tan oxfords (angel fashionista) *unworn & on sale
11. checkered slingbacks in purple (thekookything) *unworn
12. archi peeptoe wedge (yunique paradise) *dying soon
13. heelstown purple/yellow hafl laced heels (forgot) *unworn
14. chanel inspired 2 tone ballet flats (thekookything) *forgotten
15. cut out laced oxfords (yunique paradise) * ignore cos too big
16. newletter print peeptoe heels (yunique paradise) *slightly big hence worn once only
17. chunky heeled military buckle in black (yunique paradise) *unworn
18. studded rockster pumps (thekookything) *died
19. red bow pumps (cotton on) *unworn
20. lace ankle heel (yunique paradise) *unworn
21. corset wedge (yunique paradise) *unworn & on sale
22. miss futurist 12cm (yunique paradise) *unworn, prefer slightly bigger & on sale
23. MJ oxfords in black & white (kaffeklatchshopping) *unworn, cuts into feet
24. red checkered ankle heels (kaffeklatchshopping) *unworn
25. knee high suede wedge boots (urban og) *unworn
26. mc queen inspired buckle calf boots (urban og) *unworn
27. wildrose suede knee high boots (urban og) *unworn
28. leopard satin ankle heels (urban og) *unworn, slightly big
29.supertight ankle boots (yunique paradise) *unworn
30. vinatge inspired floral in beige with black lining (veronica's closet)
31. oxford pixie flats in beige (bangkok)
32. red suede mary janes (bangkok) *unworn & loveelovelove...<3

--- more unknow and soon to be dug up ---

Saturday, May 8, 2010

hmm... I'm craving cheesetarts now =) yes! Blueberry cheese tarts please! 3dmax is so far so good, the only problem is that it's taking too much time for me to complete a space! erghh... There's still many empty spaces the the design, I hate the fact that I'm filling up the space just for the sake of filling it up. My mind is blank. And I'm craving cheesetarts! shhh!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Lost in time

My whole week is totally screwed up side down! For the whole week I thought today was Friday when it was actually Saturday. Yes, I was a day late for this entire week. No wonder my mum didnt bang my room door when I did not get up for college yesterday. I thought it was thursday when it was actually Friday. =.=
Today was kinda screwed up too. Rushed to the Atm to get cash for posting parcels, but when I reach the post office it was closed!!! FML. What a waste of my time & petrol.


I need to get things right on track again.
I'm loosing my touch.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


When i get older, losing my hair, many years from now,
Will you still be sending me a Valentine, birthday greetings, bottle of wine?
If I'd been out till quarter to three, would you lock the door?
Will you still need me, will you still feed me,
When I'm sixty four?

by John Lennon/Paul McCartney

Monday, May 3, 2010

paint it

there's no such thing as too much black

Thursday, April 22, 2010

things to do before I'm 25


1. learn to ride a bike

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I am in love with Bastain

yes that is my lover worth RM400.

No more shopping for a month!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

that dress

love the colour on this dress so much!

yes the cat was busy body as always. That's her sexy pose ok.

Workload is increasing like shit ass hell!
Need more money for bangkok! Buy people buy! =)

hmmm.. more sales?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Love me as it is

To love or not?

Truthfully, I'm missing the single life... I'm bored of being a "couple". Yes i know i should be greatfull... But when it becomes dreadfull day to day I feel like I'm being smothered slowly...

I want my single life back


hhmmm... recently.. i notice humans are hopping on the photography trend... My cousin in law.. is obsessed about taking photos.. but what i notice is that.. Many people.. tend to take photos to look like how they want it to be.. to get that perfect shot... perfect scene...

Should taking a photograph be that way?

I love taking photos.. When you look back it brings us back in time.. to that moment... so unexpected.. so carefree...

I think the best photos are when you take it just the way it is...


Saturday, February 27, 2010


I hate curfews. seriously. I dont do drugs, I dont club. But i love the night. Is it wrong is i just love the night life?
I love what the night does to everyone. Though some may say total darkness is not wanted. I think darkness shows our true self. how we live in darkness is a thought worth feeling.

Kiss the night.

Friday, February 19, 2010


i'm lusting over these pair for ages...
recently i went through ebay and realized it isn't up for auction anymore!

anyway.. i look through this US online shop and it's retailing for 60USD, which means freaking rm200 ++ okay!
imagine if i add postage from US it's gonna cost almost rm300+-... WTH..
please someone just give me these babies!!!!

Tripp NYC Daang studded boots

Thursday, February 18, 2010

of peace

Just messing with photoshop.. since previously my lec mentioned that my pin up board sux.. sadly..haha... lol.. hope it works well!

damn you to hell

Cruelty to animals should never be taken lightly... especially to my Cat.

Damn you sick people.

One day You're gonna get your face jabbed with the back of my stillettoes.

Your sins shall follow you to your death.
Die in pain i pray for you.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

call me hello

I need a new phone.. however.. the one i want is like over 2 grand?! yeesh! Maybe I'd go for HTC model instead, hmmm....

Me want me Monay!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's Just Me

I hate waiting, cause I'm impatient. Why cant things just get done when I want them to?
I hate people who are late and make me wait for them.
I hate faking those smile just so i could have your Monay.
I hate people who dont speak clearly of their mind and expects me to get it right the first time.
I hate my room cause it effing hot.


Lately my fetish for jailbird print (black white stripes if you dont know the term) is going crazy! I was damn happy =P when i saw this skirt in sunway when i was out with aiman, lihui, liyuan, yishuain & marie. But once i saw the price i was heart brokened =(((( Rm69.90??? I just give rm60 to kijun, borrowed another rm10 to liyuan... i only had rm10 left for my green tea ice cream while was not available too.. talk bout sadness man!

But i got my chance to get that skirt the next day when i was out with the kiddies from lick hung.. missed the old days! they hardly changed at all =) willl try to upload their pics if i can get it from tze yin. First i went to topshop for that layered sequined skirt which i aimed previously.. but i decided on not getting it since is was kinda itchy when i tried it =.= and they dont have 1 size up =( I saw something similar to this:

via topshop

horizontal stripes instead, which a rubber band at the sides retailing for rm169 @@ no money wei! Then i head to Teetoo rightaway to search back for my jailbird mini and it was still there!! wee! hahah
was damn happy and went home rightaway since my eyes were dry and wearing contacts was damn kacau.. constantly rubbing the eyes and i cant see properly when i'm drying.. Ish...

Aim-ing for a Jailbird tank & drapped cardigan next!!! Saw  a jailbird cardigan at cotton on but it wasnt what i was lloking for plus the material is damn thin... so not worth it =/ Seriously.. whats so great bout cotton on? all the rave and hoo haa.. their sunnies and cheap that one thing.. but the rubi shoes are like paper and the clothing amterial are thin... throw in the washing machine next thing you know they'll be a large hole in it.. =.=


Friday, February 5, 2010


Yes i know you saw me.
Yes i know it's you.
Why cant you bladdy not stare at me like i have creepers on my head?
I've mentioned to you before that i hate people staring at me while i'm working.

Anyway, who can work when there's a  pair of eyes haunting you from behind?
If i am that robot then alright.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

chic pop

i need more chic pop! get me 5 more and i'll be able to make it to barcelona and get a new dslr or phone!

yes,,,, i need monay

A-Muse me?

OMG. I cant believe i just missed out on Muse's concerte! I hate you rebecca for being able to make it!
why cant they just bladdy step in M'sia???

I'm so going to one when i'm in the states!

Missing out?

i aint believing that no shitz aint bringing that piece of crap back to my house.
You're just gonna deal with it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

That Flow

Semester has just started, everyone's out with a new resolution, but yet to me it's just another year of college. Ever since Hospitality students moved out of LCS, this place seems dead whenever i'm down stairs at the makan area and library. The Library is Freaking empty it tell you! imagine weekends.. i wonder hows this place gonna be like.

Today started horribly, with massive jams starting as far from the small alley of my college to who knows where. =.= A 5 minute journey to college took me 1 whole hour to reach to college for a 15 minutes lecture.. yeah  what the heck =.=. Anyway.. workload is beginning to pile up but yet i'm still here blogging and surfing the net =P As far as i'm concerened.. I dont really care actually.. College may not seem on the top priority of my achivement or what ever but yet I'm always jealous that my friends that scores straight A's all the time..
To me.. in college or what ever course or school.. As long as i know what i'm doing i'm actually fine with it.. The important thing is I know how to make Moolah!! Yeah.. haha.. typical me.. but yeap.. that's me alright.. I dont really give a damn bout scoring straight A's or what ever... screw GPA.. As long as I'm above the minimum requirement and not scoring anything below C's or D's I'm fine with it. Hope I can maintain my scores this sem..

Another thing.. Chic Pop street market 3 is On! yeah! Lucky i did some research and emailed them before they officially anounnouced it on Chic Pop is one of the best bazaar's that definitely pulls the crowd in... Well.. as we know.. More people means more shopping which means more Monay! Hehe.. I'm greedy! But yeap.. too much stocks at home and my mom is already complaining as hell.. haha.. LOL..

hope to see you there!